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    How do you delete channels from your Slingbox Pro - Finds 272 channels. ?Help


      I apologize if this has been previously answered, but I have been searching here and google for the past weeks and I havent yet found exactly the help I am looking for.


      My Slingbox Pro-HD during set up chosing "Cable without Box" finds 272 channels, I only have standard cable through my provider so I only get about 75 channels that have signal. Other channels the Device Type: Cable "Hybrid" seems to be finding, about 25 of them being the new Digital over the air channels.


      How do I remove the 197 channels of "bad signal", blank screens, and over the air digital channels (ie: 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 ect.) from my slingbox so when I am using my SlingMobile I dont get any interruptions if I accidentally go to the wrong "blank channel" and it boots me out to do "poor signal, bad connection" I just want to have access to the 75 standard cable channels.


      Thank you kindly.