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    Network and Sling lights flashing, won't reset


      Both my network light and the sling player light are flashing together and I cannot get the slingbox to reset.  Any ideas what the problem is?  Is it dead?

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          I had a similar problem that arose a week or so ago with my Tuner.  The lights alternated between flashing (at various rates), going dim, and not going on at all.  It became very frustrating -- but long story short, it was eventually hooked up to a new power supply and, as of today, it works fine.  Early on in the ordeal a Radio Shack employee tested the original power supply and suggested that it was fine and the problem was definitely in the Slingbox itself, but that was apparently incorrect.  So, try a new power supply.  It seems to have worked for me, and your problem sounds similar to mine.