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    HD Video Works in Safari, not in FireFox


      I've got a newer MBP (Aug '09) and a Pro-HD box.  I'm able to view the component video fine through Safari 5.0.1 running in 32-bit mode, but not with FireFox 3.6.8.


      I've removed the plug-in and tried re-installing it, but to no avail.  The issues persists.


      The composite input audio and video work through FF, but I can only get the audio in FF when using the component.  If I go "full screen", then I get crazy low fps on component - like .5-1 fps.


      While I don't mind Safari to watch my videos, I'd like it to function in FF.  As a side note, I can get the desktop version to play, but I'm not sure if that's an HD stream or not.


      Any ideas?

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          Hi, KevinFauth


          We recommend you to use a different Firefox web browser version. In this case, try the latest Firefox software version (3.6.13) and test the web-based application.


          Regarding your second question, you will be able to get the HD signal if you use the application from www.slingbox.com. If you use the standalone software version, you will not get the HD video signal.