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    update or not to a new soft version?!!!!!


      Hi, I have  a Slingbox pro in Romania that I am watching it in USA. It is an USA model but it's using the EUR 1.5 SlingPlayer version for UK. The image that I receive is not great ( not more then 800-1000kbps ) even if in both countries I have high speed Internet. I have a message from the SlingPlayer that it ask me to upgrade ( recommended ) for the version 2.0.0. but I read on some web sites that this can do some damage for me ( I will not be able to see anything after that and that once upgraded you cannot downgrade the version. This is a problem for me because eve if I don't see the quality that I want I don't wanna lose what I have. I tried to ask on the support line but they told me that they won't help me because the Slingbox is in Romania, not in USA. I tried UK but without luck.


      What do you think I shoud do?!!!


      Thank you,


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          eferz Expert

          You can have both versions installed.  Here's the trick to do it.


          1.  Copy the "Slingplayer" folder within the "Sling Media" directory

          2.  Give the copy a unique name like "Slingplayer.15"

          3.  Then uninstall Slingplayer 1.5

          4   Install Slingplayer 2.0

          5,  Now make a shortcut for the slingplayer.exe from Slingplayer.15 folder.


          Now you can have a choice between using Slingplayer 1.5 or 2.0 whenever you want.