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    Unable to connect any longer with iPad or iPhone apps

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      I have a Slingbox PRO-HD in my home that was installed and working fine internally and via internet connectivity for a few years.  I purchased a new ZyXEL USG router and correctly configured port forwarding and NAT to access the Slingbox.  I know I did this correctly as other port forwarded services are working.  The Slingbox could not be found on the internal network or externally.  I hard reset the Slingbox and then could connect internally and used the Firefox plugin to set up connection, location, remote, etc.  Using the Firefox browser the Slingbox can be used to view live TV.  However, neither the iPhone nor iPad applications will work any longer.  If using apps on the internal network they give an error status that the box has not been configured and to use the browser app to do so.  As I stated I have already set it up, the browser plugin works and the Slingbox icon has a green dot next to it.  I using the apps from external to my network they provide an error that says the slingbox is not reachable.  My router log shows the router properly forwarding the traffic to port 5001 of the IP address where the Slingbox is located.  Any assistance is appreciated.