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    Slingbox Solo Is Great

    jimfitzgerald Apprentice

      I just wanted to post that my Slingbox Solo is great.  I bought it a few days ago and had no problems installing it and getting it to work.


      I have it connected to my Charter cable HD box and my Roku.  The Roku is connected with component video and the cable box with S-video.  I bought some Radio Shack splitters to connect both audio inputs to the Slingbox Solo.  I am using the Slingbox to watch tv on my Dell Inspiron 700m.  I am also watching Netflix movies via the Roku/Slingbox.    I also watch both tv and Roku on my Motorola Droid (1).


      I am using Slingplayer 2.0 installed on my laptop as well as the internet version.  Both work equally well.  I purchased the SlingPlayer Mobile application from the Android market.  All the software applications installed easily with no setup problems.  Everything worked.  It's not often I can say that.  I even used the Sling Turbo wireless boxes to connect my Slingbox with my CradlePoint router.


      The one and only issue I had was my Roku and Motorola DCH6200 cable box did not have a supported virtual remote control in the SlingPlayer software.  I used  custom remotes that were created and posted by the experts on this site.  They both work great.


      Using the Slingbox has proved to be almost flawless.  When driving and using 3g, I have some loss of signal when I move between cell towers.  WIFI rarely has any problem.    Bottom line, this device is simply amazing.


      Edit:  I forgot to mention...I am running Windows XP sp3.  To view Netflix movies, I first go to tv and turn off my cable box to kill the tv sound.

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          I have just bought Slingbox Solo and Roku. casn you give me a quick breakdown how to get Roku to run through the slingbox as well as the Direct TV HD DVR. If you would be kind enough.

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              jimfitzgerald Apprentice

              Use component cables from your DVR to the Slingbox.  Use S-video from your Roku to the Slingbox.  Go to Radio Shack and get two pairs of splitters for your R/L audio cable.  Plug one pair into your DVR audio out (R and L) and plug one pair into your Roku audio out (R and L).  Then connect the splitters to your audio cables and plug into your Slingbox.  Your Slingbox will receive audio from both sources.  When you want to watch your Roku, use your virtual remote to turn off your DVR.