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    Droid SlingBox Player and Hard Reset

    infinitempg Newbie

      I purchased the Android SlingBox Player for my Android HTC Incredible and it's been working good.  Had some issues with the new Android 2.2 update and some people are suggesting doing a hard reset on my phone.  If I do this will wipe clean all my applications.  Since I already purchased this and paid for it, if I factory reset my phone, how do I download it and re-install it since I already paid for it?

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          eferz Expert

          I don't believe the Google Market will charge you twice on the same account if you've already purchased it.  If it does, then just bring it up with Google's customer service.

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            Guitar4Him Newbie

            When you've never done it before, a hard reset seems like a very scary thing.  For the first time, I had to do a hard reset on my Motorola Droid last night.  Don't worry about it.  You will be totally amazed at what happens.  Once your phone connects back to the network and authenticates, a process will automatically begin which will download and install every app you have gotten through the marketplace.  You don't have to do a thing...it will all happen automatically.  The only thing you will have to do after everything has been re-installed is to re-configure settings on various apps.  With the Slingplayer, you'll have to re-enter your account email address and password.


            One thing I find interesting....before, when I tapped on the Slingplayer icon, the program would load and connect automatically and when the video appeared, it was a clean screen.  Now, since the hard reset, once the app loads,I have to tap on the "Connect" button and when the video loads, the channel guide appears on the screen and has to be dismissed.  It's not a major thing....just a minor annoyance.

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              I recently did a hard reboot on my droid x and the sling player app did not reappear. I contacted verizon the and asked about the app and they informed me i should be able to download the app again because google payment should recognize my phone number. After downloading the app and checking my bank account i noticed the 29.99 taken out. I contacted verizon a second time and another rep told me I would have to contact google because they have no control over the market. After doing research I found out google do not have live customer service support I sent them an e-mail explaining the problem and of course i'm still waiting on a reply. I contacted sling box and every support tech that answers the phone cant speak english or have no idea what a smart phone is or an app. After several times of not being able to communicate with the rep I asked them where were they located and she told me phillipines. I hope sling box or google can get their act together because do to the recent problems with my phone verizon is sending me another one and if I have to spend another 29.99 I'm going to be real PO.

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                  infinitempg Newbie

                  I did a lot of research on this and found that the Android Market Place is a Google function and it's tied into your Google account.  If you set up your phone after the factory reset and set up the same Google account login as you had before, then the Market Place should remember everything you've bought and allow you to just download it again for free.  After I did the factory reset I set everything back up on my Incredible and when I went into the Market Place and searched for Slingbox, it showed beside it PURCHASED, so I only had to click on it and re-install it.


                  I can see if you didn't have your phone associated with the same Google account, or with any Google account, after you reset and went to the Market Place, it would not know what app's you had already purchased or downloaded. 


                  Not really clear with your statement about the $29.99.  Are you saying you purchased the Slingbox Player app thru the Market for $29.99, then you did a factory reset and you had to pay an additional $29.99 to get the app back?  And now you're worried you'll have to pay a third time if Verizon sends you a new phone?


                  If I see the situation correctly, Verizon basically has nothing to do with the Android Market Place, that's strictly a Google thing.  But as long as you keep the same Google account log in it will remember what you already purchased.  It did for me and worked flawlessly.