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    Remote Connecting


      Hi I am currently living in Euope and am considering adding a Slingbox at my home in the US. I have read that you need to have your ipad in the same area as the slingbox to make the first connection? Is this true or can the slingbox be set up in theUS and I can then connect to it from here in Europe?

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          Samantha.Sling Apprentice

          Hello Jniederst,


          You don't need an iPad specifically at the home location, but to setup the Slingbox you will need someone at the home in the US. They will need access to a computer, iPad/iPhone, or Android Phone, depending on the Slingbox you purchase, so that they can process the initial setup. After the initial setup has been completed, then you will be able to access in Europe without needing someone at home.


          I hope this helps!