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    Slingbox 500 - During setup, stuck on "Searching for TV Servicer Providers..."


      After entering zip code, SB launches into a "Searching for TV Service Providers.." message with spinny-circle-thingy. I've let it run for over 30 minutes.


      Any thoughts? SB is hard-wired to ethernet connection and SB seemed to acknowledge that it was able to connect to the internet via an earlier test. I have input coming from a DirecTV DVR with both HDMI & Component cables hooked up.


      Not sure what other information to provide.


      The SB website won't give me any information on how to contact them for help. Every time I click something that says "help" or "Contact Us" I get a screen with an empty box for me to select my device which is empty because I haven't completed the setup of the one box I have I assume. They won't even give me a phone number to call. Quickstart guide also contains no contact information. Not real impressed so far.