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    I switched from DSL to Cable internet

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      My Slingbox M1 does not work with my new Comcast Cable Xfinity Internet.  I have the combo router/wireless gateway Arris TG862G.  I cannot find the slingbox.  I reset the M1 and still no luck.  The SlingPlayer software says it is trying to connect then I get error P-31.  Everything else on my wireless network is working.  I tried to follow the on screen prompts and it says that if you hard reset to click DIRECTORY to reconfigure but that just goes back to the trying to connect process, and the P-31 error.  It says if you do not have a steady network LED light to click DIRECTORY then CLOSE then SETTINGS then NETWORK SETTINGS.  Once I click DIRECTORY, it goes back to the trying to connet process then the P-31 error.


      I must be missing something.  Please help.