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    Must reconfigure Input every time I login

      I'm having the same recurring issues with my slingbox and need to get it resolved. a when I login from abroad, my slingbox 500 says its commented, however I just see a black screen without any sound on the slinag player.  It's currently setup to use HDMI input. From here, I must then go to settings, click Configure Input, and start to configure another input. I let it try to comment, then click back on the HDMI configuration.  Once it's configured back to HDMI then the sound and video pops up and it works fine. I know it works, but I have to go through this annoying process every time to try to watch,  In addition, every time I have to reconfigure, it kicks the user who's watching the TV at home off.  any ideas on how to fix this so I don't have to take the extra few steps every time I login?