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    Setting up my slingbox in Mexico with Axtel TV

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      Hi I´m trying to set up my slingbox in Mexico, my TV service provider is Axtel TV, before I started I checked the list of remote controls for Mexico and this one is in the list, but I can´t find exactly the model of my digital box, I did it with the Kaon KFC-SA900PCO model and works, but not all the functions works, I can´t record anything, the image of my remote control looks very diferent to the original, looks like generic, but I really need to record programs, I tried using the menu, but is not any button showing that option , in the original remote there is a red button with a star icon and that button is like a quick access for some functions , there is the record function.

      Anybody knows the right model for this Remote Control for Axtel TV Service in Mexico ?

      By the way, I tried to contact Costumer Service in Mexico for slingbox but nobody answer !

      PLEASE HELP ME !!!

      That´s exactly the problem I´m not sure about the model the box says :

      Made by Kaonmedia

      C/N: 2210-00359

      but I can´t find that number in the models of Kaon

      Hopefuly you can help me with this !

      thanks !


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