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    Vertical Red Line on SlingPlayer video display - one Windows 10 workstation only

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      I have vertical red line, perhaps 10 pix wide, exact centre, on whatever content I am displaying from my slingbox.  It only happens on a single Windows 10 workstation, not on any other Windows 10 laptop or other device.

      The ads do not have the red line (blahhh) but the streamed program does.  This appeared about a month ago and I'm not sure what changes were made to cause it.  Perhaps a Windows update, but every other Windows machine is fine.


      Its not full screen, just in the program display window of SlingPlayer (when the video display isn't full screen it is confined to the SlingPlayer video display frame).


      Have uninstalled and reinstalled.


      Have played with display driver settings to see if one of them is causing it, nothing yet. Display adapter is Radeon R9200.  LG monitor using HDMI.


      Have searched the web, have searched the Radon site.


      Any ideas?