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    Slingcatcher Freezes During Software Update Process on Initial Installation


      I am helping my son set up a Slingcatcher he recently acquired.  He is at college, so he will be accessing our Slingbox Pro HD via a high speed internet connection.  As we are trying to set it up, the Slingcatcher seems to freeze when we get the part of the installation process where the Slingcatcher is checking for software updates.  There doesn't seem to be any activity indicating that anything is being downloaded or updated and it just seems to freeze up.  We unplugged it to get it to reboot and have tried it a couple of times, but the same thing keeps happening.  I have a another Slingcather that is set up at home that is connected via our home network (as opposed to over the internet), but I wouldn't think that this would affect my son's trying to set up his Slingcatcher via an internet connection.  Anybody have any ideas on what the problem may be or how to get around it?  Thanks.