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    SlingBox dead


      Hi all.


      When I change the TDT channels several times in the SlingBox Pro, it dead and doesn't respond to ping. I have 2 SlingBoxes and hav the same problem.

      Please help me.

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          eferz Expert

          As I understand it is not entirely uncommon for malfunctioning AC adapter to cause the   symptoms that you've described.  On the bottom of the Slingbox, you should see the power   requirements; voltage, amps, and polarity.  Make sure the AC adapter connected to your   Slingbox has the same output sepecifications. Otherwuse, if you have a compatible power   supply then you can test it with your Slingbox to see if there's any change.

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              I have the same thing described above.  My slingbox classic just went out of service a week ago and I'm not trying to find a replacement power adapter.  Can you supply me with the correct plug connector size I should be looking for?  I know the rest 6v 2.4A and the polarity.  Just need to know the size so that I can buy one online and not be charged $40 fro a power adapter.  outrageous.  Unless if SlingMedia have replacement parts for my power adapter?