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    Sling Media service situation as of 2 September?

    vaazzurro Newbie

      Could somebody please update me on the status of the Sling servers?  Is there a problem on their side again as was reported in other discussions in the last several days?


      A few weeks ago I could not connect like most people, and was receiving the "Error: 0x8007274C; The connection attempt failed.  Make sure your Slingbox is on, set up for remote viewing, and not blocked by firewall/NAT settings" message.  Then, I was operational for about two weeks and my Slingbox was working great.  Now, as of a day ago, I am receiving this message again.


      I would really appreciate assistance from Sling personnel or anyone else as to whether this is a widespread problem due to the Sling Media service, or if it is my own individual problem.


      Thank you in advance!

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          eferz Expert

          The problem is that it could be both.  You should preform general troubleshooting by checking your firewall ports.  Even trying to go back to Slingplayer Desktop 1.5 to avoid the SLing Accounts and then trying the private IP address of the Slingbox instead of the Sling ID to avoid the Slingbox Locator Service.  That way you can use a process of elimination of the Sling Media servers out of the way.