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    Communication error with slingbox


      Error message:


      There was a problem communicating with slingbox.  Try connecting again.

      I have followed all procedures.  Unpluging modems, router, and Slingbox.  Have also reset sling box.

      Sometimes I will connect for a second and then freeze up.  I know there was a software upgrade and I am thinking I need to change something on my computer settings but don't know what.


      Can anyone help


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          I'm getting the same exact issue on the Slingbox Pro HD. At first I thought it was an internet issue but I'm finding out that this is happening at the Slingbox on the local area network. BTW, I'm pretty savvy with networks...


          I've reboot the router, reset the Slingbox holding the reset 5 seconds, and also set the Slingbox back to DHCP. I'm not able to configure the Slingbox as the Setup Assistant can't find a Slingbox on the network. It used to be on a static IP from the DHCP server.


          The lights don't show a network connection. I think Slingmedia pulled the plug on this one... This is driving me nuts. Why do I even have to be connected to Slingmedia's services? They seem really unreliable these days.



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            Bryanod Novice

            When you connect open a command prompt and run as administrator.  type netstat -bno


            post slingplayer.exe connections here


            Here is a example of a off-line sling


            9-2-2010 1-46-04 AM.png


            an online sling will show 2 connections to port 5001 both established


            Some security software like kapersky will proxy the second connection and instead of showing up under slingplayer it will show as avg.exe.  

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              My Slingbox PRO-HD stoped working, and all I get is  Error: 0x92370001! Called up support to see if the box was bad. If I want any info, it would cost $29.95.

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                  That is the same answer they gave me.  I am guessing it is because they upgraded their server. I am sure this generated a quite a bit of money on the support side.  Customer satisfaction - not so good.  They really need to put a step by step solution on the site - as this problem was generated by them.



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                  I just have the 0x92370001 last night.  It worked fine yesterday morning.  I try unplugging the network and reconnect, it does not work..  I unplug the power and reconnect, it works once, but now it does not work again.


                  I search it and I am not the only one having the problem, but no good solution.   Someone says it is the Sling server problem, does the slingplayer needs to connect to their server first?

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                      eferz Expert

                      The Slingplayer uses the Sling ID to negotiate connectivity to the Slingbox.  Sling Accounts holds the listing of Sling IDs which are accessible to you.  Slingbox Locator Service performs the Sling ID to IP address resolution.  Since August 5th, 2010 the Sling Media's servers which hosts Sling Accounts and the Slingbox Locator Service has been very flakey.


                      You can usually circumvent these problems by using Slingplayer Desktop 1.5 and creating a Slingbox Directory entry with the IP address or domain name of the Slingbox instead of the Sling ID.