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    no audio / video when TV is off


      If my home TV is on,everything works ok. I can watch tv   in any laptop

      or mobile phone with Internet conection or 3G network. If the TV is off, no

      image apears on  either devices. Why? What's wrong on muy configuration?


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          eferz Expert

          Does your TV also power off the set-top box that your Slingbox is connected?  You might try using the SlingRemote to power the set-top box back on, so you can watch it.

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            dtommyd Newbie

            Yeah, you must be feeding the slingbox from your TV.  He's right you  should try to turn on the box when its off.  I'd also test it by  bypassing your tv by feeding the cable box to the slingbox.

            1  thing also comes to mind -in my case - possibly your issue is- When I  use my Apple TV, stop using it- turn the TV off, the Apple TV seems to  sleep and when I turn my tv back on it gives me a "blue screen on my tv  and it then starts up again.  Is it my tv that stops taking the hdmi  feed or is it the box?  Don't care enough to check but it may be your  issue.

            If I were you I'd try the s-video + red white audio into  the slingbox straight from the box.  I do this and I'm able to use the  HDMI from the box and the s + red white at the same time.

            Also -  My cable box came with a universal type remote that has 2 power  buttons.  One for on/off of multiple things (TV, Receiver) and one that  is a single power button.  Is your blaster is turning a couple of things  at the same time maybe?  Did you have your IR blaster "learn" from your  remote?

            If all else fails pull the plugs and reset everything.   By the time I ever get to that point (a few hours in) I always wonder  why I didn't reset everything in the first place. Never fails.  There is  always a sense of defeat but time is so much cooler than defeat.   I  would have usually saved myself more time posting and searching.


            geez - Sorry about my SirLongWindAlot -

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              Hi, zaquirulo.


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