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    Reinstalling Classic Slingbox on new Wireless Equipment


      I have a Classic Slingbox that I had set up on a wireless network with a Linksys Router and Linksys Game Adapter.


      The old router died, and I replaced it with a new Linksys E1000 N Router and I also bought a new D-Link DAP 1522 N Wireless Bridge.


      I know that the Wireless Bridge and router are working together as they should, because I have my DirecTV receiver plugged into the bridge and am able to download On-Demand programs.


      The Slingbox is a different story.  I reset it to factory settings and plugged it into the bridge but when I run Setup Assistant it can never find the Slingbox.


      I even tried plugging my laptop computer into the bridge - verified it was able to connect to the internet via the bridge and ran Setup Assistant.  It still could not find the Slingbox.


      My new router has a default IP of instead of the usual  so I tried to manually configure using as the default slingbox IP and port 5001 but it made no difference at all.  Setup Assistant still can't find the Slingbox.


      The network icon on the slingbox is on and steady.


      I'd really appreciate some help getting things back up and running.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Bryanod Novice

          I use a bridge for my sling box.  I use wireless n router as a wireless bridge as well.  I think I learned all the lessons thru trial and error and have my set up solid for about a year now.    When you run the setup assistant and the sling is on a bridge the setup assistant's broadcast is not sent past the bridge to the sling.  So connect the sling to the router then run the setup.  Make sure you manually configure the sling, no need to change any settings, just click next all the way.  That sets the sling to a static ip.  You can then place it on the bridge and go.


          The reason every thing else works on the bridge is because its all outbound traffic. 


          If you don't want to do that there are other options.


          1.  Staticly set the bridge to a ip

          2.  Some bridges allow you to clone the mac address clone it to the sling mac address.

          3.  When the sling has a solid network light log into the router and see what ip it has.  If you ping the ip then run the setup assistant it will show up.