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    keyboard shortcuts on android


      am i missing something, or is this not supported? it would be great to be able to use slide-out keyboard to input channels and perform various functions on certain keys (preferably programmable for any button on the remote). any plans of implementing this? please do.

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          I just found your question from Sep 1st.  I used to have a Treo and the mobile software used keyboard equivalents.  It was great.  Just like watching on a computer.  It also had favorites with logos.  lines of about 12 stations that could have new lines added so I could have more.  I had about 16 and don't know if I could have added more than one more line.  Regardless, I have a Samsung Epic with Android.  I paid my $30 again but there doesn't seem to be any keyboard shortcuts.  They have removed, it seems, a very important resource.  Now I have to lose some screen real estate to control anything, especially when I have to put in a channel number.  i lose more than half the screen for that.  They say someone reads these things but you question is three months old and I'm the only response.  This sucks!!!