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    Internet Bandwidth Question for HD


      Is the bandwidth needed to view HD quality for the PRO HD model dependent on the upload speed or download speed or both? Do you really need an upload speed of 3Mbps. I'm no comptuer expert but that seems pretty high.


      I currently have a solo that says it's working at 700kbps on average when I'm in the Sling Player application. I know I neew at least 3Mbps to stream HD. Does that mean can't do HD with my current set up? When I run bandwidth tests, it says I've got 14Mbps downloa and 1.5Mbps upload. This is at the place I will be viewing my sling box. The place where my sling box is actualy located runs at about the same speed.

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          Bryanod Novice

          Upload speed is the typical bottleneck for streaming in hd.  What upload speed does your isp deliver?  A speed test doesn't use the same Protocols as the sling.  Your isp could be giving you 768k upload and use some type of compression so the speed test reflects more than your solo is obviously sending.  There are many other factors of course but 700k wont give you good HD if any at all.  The HD pro sends more data than the solo so it likely you will have even lower speeds on the pro hd.