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    Good upload speed, Poor download speed on certain networks

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      I use a ZTE model to upload with 4 mbs from my house but when i download from another house in the same country either i get a full download speed at 4 mbs or i get a max of 1mbs. This is the case for 2 different routers either of the same provider (an old thomson router gets the full download speed and a new ZTE router gets the max of 1 mbs) or between different providers.


      The bottom line is that i know that my upload speed is working fine but some routers i use to download with internet viewing do not get the full speed and is like they have a limit on their download speed. I am not sure but i think that if i use another source of streaming (i.e. a movie) it gets a full download speed but i am not sure for this one.


      It is very annoying watching from one house at full speed and at my house with a max of 1mbs.


      Does anyone have a solution?


      Thanx for your time