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    What Happened to my HD Input Analog Audio?


      Hi Everyone. This is what happened. I wanted to test out my Slingbox Pro HD as soon as I got it, so I hooked up an old DVD player that had component video outputs and a coax digital audio output. I connected both of these up to the Slingbox Pro HD, set up the slingbox and everything was working great.


      A week later, I finally hooked up the slingbox pro HD to my AT&T Uverse box, only to find out that the Uverse box doesn't have coax digital audio output, only optical. So I figure I'll just use the analog L/R Uverse outputs along with the component video outputs. Here's where I now have an issue.


      When I connected up the Uverse box, it recognized the component video input, but wasn't getting any sound from the analog audio cables. As soon as I plugged the analog audio cables into the SD analog audio inputs, and switched inputs, the audio came through great, and when I switched the cables back to the HD input, nothin'.


      I need to know how I can change the HD audio input from digital to analog in the Windows Sling 2.0 web browser based software. The only options I've been able to find have been related to changing video sources. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a fix for this? I'm not liking having to watch S-video quality when I have lots of HD channels. Please help!