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    Will HD Pro Tie Up My TV


      Hi - Sorry if this is a noob question, but here it goes:


      I have a couple of DirecTV HD boxes in my home, one with DVR functionality. I have multi-room viewing set up with DirecTV, so I can record and watch recorded shows on both receivers even though one of them is not DVR.


      I want to purchase a Slingbox that will not tie up a box (ie. if I change a channel on the slingbox, then it changes the channel on the receiver and TV as well. I read that the HD PRO has an internal tuner that will allow me to change the channels and watch the content on my computer without changing the channel on the actual DirecTV receiver and what is being displayed on the TV. Is this true? Am I understanding its functionality correctly?


      A couple of other questions:


      - Will the HD PRO mess up the DVR functionality of either box in any way?

      - If it will not, what receiver should I connect it to (HD DVD or just HD?). Does it make a difference?


      Thanks for your help with this!


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          i have a the HD pro too and am using it with direct cable feed to its internal tuner. with your setup, you will need to connect basic cable feed to the internal tuner of your hd pro if you want to watch something without disturbing the connected sat DVR. you cannot connect the satellite feed to the hd pro's tuner as it will not work.


          whatever you do to the conencted dvr remotely will affect the conencted dvr. I wouldn't say that you will mess up the dvr functionality unless you are trying to watch it remotely while someone else is trying to watch it locally. it won't do two things at once.

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              Thanks for your reply. So you're saying the HD Pro's internal tuner will work with cable but not satellite tv?


              I basically want to be able to watch while I'm out of town and not interrupt what's streaming on both TVs... and I also want both TVs to continue to be able to watch and record shows without a problem.

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                  hmiller Newbie

                  so, the video source needs to come from somewhere. in your case, it will need to be one of the two outputs from your sat set top box.


                  it won't mess anything up any more than you sitting down and watching from home.

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                    If you are watching the output of the sat/dvr, whether it is a recorded show or live show from your remote location, your family at home will notice you changing channels and will see what you are selecting to watch. If nobody is home using the sat/dvr then no issue. You are watching as if you were at home


                    The sat/dvr cannot output 2 different things, one for you and one for the wife/kids. Same concept as if you were fighting for the remote at home. Only one sat/dvr.


                    Slingbox's internal cable tuner kind of mitigates this. If someone else is watching a show and I remote in, I just select the slingbox tuner to watch. Quality is not as good and I can only watch basic cable channels (no hbo etc.) as I said before, you cannot connect a satellite feed to it. It must be cable/roof antenna and cannot be the output of another tuner.


                    As for recorded shows, sat/dvr's today allow you to watch one show while it records another cause there are 2 internal tuners. So, you can watch the sat/dvr live broadcast without affecting a scheduled recording.


                    It will work exactly as if you were at home.