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    Slingcatcher doa - won't boot past splashscreen


      I have 2 catchers, and an HD pro slingbox. Bought them all as part of a black friday deal. Hooked up the pro immediately and it works fine (I do this for a living on a larger scale) the Catchers were not ready for install till about a month ago. One would not boot past the splash screen. Following instructions, rebooted (many times) watching it going through the motions of restoring to factory settings, always finding a software update, downloading, restoring and rebooting back to splash screen. It is unresponsive to remote input.


      Unboxed the second catcher and installed it without incident. It works fine - all features (my media - connected music is insanely slow but that is another matter).


      Network, connections, install all fine. Slingcatcher, not fine.


      Technical chat was as expected - no resolution other than to log notes to my account. I'm now on hold with phone support looking for an RMA and have been listening to the same loop while on hold for over 30 minutes.


      Any ideas?