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    App for Ipad


      I purchased the app for my android phone and am now purchasing an Ipad.  Do I need to purchase another app  for it?

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          Hi, lgilinsky.


          Keep in mind that the SlingPlayer Mobile application for the iPhone and the SlingPlayer Mobile application for the Android Mobile device are available at their own stores. This means that even though you have already purchased the application for the Android, you will need to purchase it once again for the iPhone or iPad.  


          The following link will provide you with some information that might be useful for you.


          Did you replace your handheld or get a new one? Want to know if you can transfer your registration?


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              The question seems to linger, can you offer (any) updated information as to wheather iPad users will need to purchase a future separate iPad app?  It would not bother me if the compatibility viewing mode were less than desirable if I were confident that a future iPad app wouldn't require an additional purpose.  I REALLY want to purchase the SlingPlayer Mobile app for use on my iPad.  What would you tell me if you then release a separate iPad app?  What would my recourse be?  I feel this a reasonable question to ask.


              I certainly understand the policy of not commenting on unreleased products still in development.



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              I purchased a new Android phone, downloaded slingplay player with the understanding I could connect to my Dishnetwork account to watch tv on my new phone.  Is this true?  If so, how do I get it to connect to my Dish DVR.  Thanks.