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    Program guide not working on slingplayer, no guide data, works on watch.slingbox.com


      I recently setup a Slingbox Pro HD.  The video input is direct cable, i.e. using the internal tuner, the provider is Verizon FIOS in Florida.  The problem is that the program guide on slingplayer is not working.  It shows lots of channels, but


      a) Instead of the channel name there's a "?" and some weird number, like "64.2022"


      b) Instead of showing what's coming on for each channel, they all say "Assign a network to view Program Information"


      One interesting thing is that this problem is not present when watching via watch.slingplayer.com.  The Program Guide works fine there.  So, I need help getting the Program Guide on slingplayer to work so that I know which of the dozens of channels I want to watch.