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    Sling box setup for comcast user without cablebox


      I live in MD and we have comcast cable. they did not give us any cable box. it is direct connection to the wall to tv.


      1. how do i set up slingbox without cable box


      2. after the setup, am i only allow to watch whatever person at home is watching?

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          alanrichey42 Master

          Depends on your Slingbox.  If you have a Pro-HD that has a co-ax connector simply split your cable and send one to the TV and one to the Slingbox.  Then you use the internal tuner of the Slingbox to watch anything you like and the person with the TV can watch anything they like.


          If you have a Solo or AV then will need ot get hold of a cheap, used, simple VCR or DVR that has a built in tuner and run the Slingbox off the composite output from that box.