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    TV picture is jumping




      Please help us. We are trying to set up slingcatcher in Japan, the product was bought in UK.

      We already own one in UK and set up was pretty straight forward, however we`re now trying to set up one for my parent who are currently based in Japan.


      Problem started straight away, the slingcatcher light only shows power and network light has no light, after spending hours trying to get the network light we have find out by pressing the reset button on slingcatcher for 10seconds the network light turns on. Now next problem, TV screen is jumping therefore we are unable to set up the slingcatcher (we have got to the stage where you input email) but because screen is jumping we cant see it. is this a problem with power adapter? (we have bought a transformer so it going though at correct power), Is it TV itself ?  (we have tried to set up with HDMI but we get no pictures, but through Y/R/W cables the TV is jumping), NTSC/PAL issues? (thought these are compatible with both) Any help will be very helpful. Thanks.

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          eferz Expert

          Yeah, its an NTSC vs PAL issue.


          1. Turn Slingcatcher on
          2. Press Down arrow key more than 3 times   (this gets you to the Settings menu)
          3. Press Right Arrow twice (this gets you to vide menu).
          4. For
            • PAL resolutions press the Down arrow between 5 & 8 times  (5&6 are SD, 7 is 720p, 8 is 1080p)
            • NTSC resolutions press the Down arrow between 1 and 4 times (1&2 are SD, 3 is 720p, 4 is 1080p)