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      I am trying to reconfigure my slingbox at home. but the setup assistant stops working after a few minutes before I can finish configuring, loses connection.

      I try to chat with sling but they need me to buy another warranty program. I already have the warranty program for my slingcatcher and one can not work without the other. error message: the connection to your sling box has been lost. please make sure your slingbox is on and connected to the network. click close and relaunch setup assistant. I have tried over and over and it keeps doing the samething

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          eferz Expert

          During the internet viewing wizard, there's a process in which it will attempt to setup a static IP address for the Slingbox.  You are probably are having an issue with this part.  Something else is affecting it from working, like something is already using that IP address or the address it recommend falls outside of your router's network configuration.