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    Is Sling directory problem really solved?


      I've been unable to connect to either my Solo or my AV remotely since early August except on my iPhone (the 3G connection works fine as do all the Slingplayers on my home network). Am logged in to slingbox.com (which shows the remote connections as working just fine on both) but it won't allow me to watch remotely, either. Have checked my router settings and they're still what they should be.


      But when I try to log in from remote locations that previously worked fine, I get a message that I need an Internet connection, which I have but which the program no longer seems to recognize. And, yes, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the Slingplayer, but it made no difference.


      I changed no settings before this problem started -- I was on a business trip and had no time to deal with it at the time. I've read Sling's statement that the problem was solved weeks ago, but it doesn't seem to have been solved for me, and the timing of the original problem is consistent with the reports other people had of problems in early August.


      Anyone have any ideas?