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    Comcast DTA device requires new remote devise


      Currently am seeing only a blank screen and an icon saying "searching for a signal".  Found out the cause is due to my cable provider, Comcast, requiring the use of a DTA device.  Was able to get the DTA devise installed and activitated but still seeing a blank screen.  Don't know the outstanding problem but wondering if it is my remote? Comcast provided a new remote to use with this new devise.  If the problem is remote, how do I obtain the Comcast remote?  Do I need to re-install my Slinbox and would I then be able to find the new remote?


      Potential issue, I have a Tivo linked into this set-up.  If this is truly a remote control issue and I use the Comcast remote rather then the Tivo remote then would I now no longer be able to use my Tivo with this set-up?