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    Help! The remote doesn't respond to change channels requests!


      Hi everyone,


      I access my Sky box and Sling box pro in the UK via my Sling catcher where I live in Cyprus. Everything has been generally fine until the last few days. I connect perfectly well but for some reason the Sling catcher remote just doesn't work anymore. We have to watch the same channel all the time, not good as it was one of my wife's boring soaps!

      We always had the delay but now when we press a button on the remote the picture just freezes for a couple of seconds. The sling catcher remote numbers show on the screen but not the Sky one's. This has happened before but it would always be ojm after a few hours but this has gone on now for three days and counting.


      I've tried accessing via the laptop but with the same result.


      Has anybody else experienced this?


      Any assistance would be great.