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    Very Strange Problem - Slingplayer & Slingcatcher Speed Issue


      My household consists of 1 destop (Windows 7), 2 laptops (1 Windows 7, 1 Windows XP) and 2 slingcatchers. I am living in Belgium streaming from a Slingbox in the U.S. I get about 3mb upload speeds in the U.S. and about 1-1.5mb download speeds in Belgium. Three days ago all of my Slingcatchers starting freezing up as the download speed slowed to ~200kb when I was getting over 1mb previously on all devices. On the desktop and 1 of the laptops (both running windows 7) the 2.04 player also slowed to about 200kb (no surprise). Both 2.04 players and the web player experienced the same slow speed issue and all happened at the same time.


      The strange problem is that the laptop running Windows XP is still downloading around 1mb and has no problems while the Catchers and Windows 7 operating systems won't go much higher than 200kb.


      I have a wireless network throughout the house starting with cable coming in to a modem to a Netgear wireless router. No recent change to any of the hardward.


      This is the troubleshooting I have done so far:

      - Done speed tests on the upload PC and download connections (no issues).

      - I have tried downloading other videos off the net and watching TV that is not slingbox related, no problem with the speed on any computer

      - I have tried to troubleshoot with the cable company, no problems

      - I plugged all of the devices into exactly the same drop and still the windows XP laptop worked great while the Catcher and Windows 7 systems were terrible

      - Made sure they were all running the same version 2.04

      - Tried installing a new wireless model, same problem

      - I plugged each laptop directly directly into the modem via a Lan cable. Same problem, one gets 1mb and 1 gets 200kb

      - Tried running Slingplayer on the web with a windows 7 computer residing in the U.S., no problem, speed in excess of 1mb.

      - I am going to change ISP's (service was ****) and get higher download speeds plus a new model to see if this will help


      Anyone have any suggestions on this one as I am completly out of ideas. I obviously don't have an upload or download speed issue on either side since 1 laptop has no issues but for some reason all my catchers and windows 7 laptops/desktop are basically down. If I can't find a solution I am going to have to find other options to watch TV on the net



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          eferz Expert

          Interesting, open the Slingplayer Desktop on XP and Vista.  Press [Alt]+[Shift]+[i] to see the Stream Type.  Do you have a different stream type for the XP machine as the Vista machine?

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              Interesting results.
              The video stream information is the same between the two. Two items are different when looking at other details in this pop up window:
              Video Decoder on the Windows 7 is VMR-9 (Direct 3D)
              Video Decoder on XP is XP Legacy (GDI)
              What may be more pertinent is that the video bit rate is jumping around all over the place on both machines. It is 800kb one second and 70kb another. The XP machine seems to manage that variability differently. I did a  3 minute video test on both laptops and the Windows 7 machine froze up at the 3 minute mark due to a low speed but had only 1 or 2 frames skipped. The XP laptop kept going at around 800kb but had 150 frames sipped in the same period. I am guessing the Windows 7 machine and the slingcatchers are not able to handle this degree of variability and the XP machine skips frames to get around this and manages to stay running at a higher download rate.
              If this is a correction assumption how do I solve this problem? Is it a provider issue, modem issue etc.