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    cant get digital channels


      Hi everyone, I need some help please , the tech support was not helping and i'm trying with you guys see if you got the same issue.


      I got my hd pro from canada and when I tried to put the cable directly on the slingbox I was able to get all the analog channels but the 2 digital channel gave me an error telling me the device cant show them, i'm not using any kind of receiver or anything and the channels work fine on my tv, does anybody got the same issue ?

      After that problem I had to go to spain and I bring the lingbox with me and I still get the same issue but this time all the channels are in digital and the cable goes directly from the antenna to the device no receivers of any kind.


      Is there any firmware or changes I have to do to get those channel working ?


      thanks a lot for your help guyrs and girls .