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    Intermittent connectivity using slingplayer


      I keep having intermittent issues connecting to my Slingbox.  It happens both at home (local) and when I'm away.  I am using a SlingPlayer on a Windows OS (having same issue on Windows 7 and XP).  The error I get is:


      • Error: 0x92340108
      • Context: 20
      • Operation:110


      Usually what happens is I just keep trying to connect and eventually it works.


      Does anybody else have this type of experience?



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          eferz Expert

          The Slingbox can't be located.

          [Advanced users: the error code is 0x92340108.]

          Yeah, sounds like you're having problem with Slingbox Locator Service.  This started happening after the services were moved from Sling Media's office in San Mateo to Echostar's facility in Colorado.  You can probably get around it by creating Slingbox Entries with the public and private IP address of your Slingbox.
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              too technical for me: all I know is that scince about may/ june this year we have had very variable luck in being able to connect/control our source which is located in the UK. Previously everything was working fine but I find myself in a hotel room tonight trying to catch up on programs and just can not get the sling box to respond. I am logged in and appear to be connected but can not get the satellite box to respond. by the way I have an automatic timer that re-sets the modem and IRD  every 24 hours so don't go down that path>> grateful for any suggestions ....homesick Chris.

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              I've had the same intermittant connectivity issue since March 2013 on a new Windows 7 PC ... all other pc's connect just fine.  If I keep trying, eventually it connects, but this is annoying and when I called Sling Support, they wanted to charge me $29.95 to fix the problem ... not very classy sling and NOT very nice to loyal and early adopters that took a chance on you and your as yet (at the time) unproven tech  ...

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                  Slingplayer desktop client and the web plugin versions on Firefox or IE have both been intermittent for quite sometime now. I'd say about a year. They are turning a deaf ear to this issue. It will work fine with either type of setup for days at a time and then out of the blue it won't be able locate your Slingbox for 20 attempts and viola it suddenly starts working again. My local LAN and WAN Internet connections are rock solid. This is not a network configuration issue that comes and goes. Configurations don't come and go. This is a simple network setup with port forwarding. The problem is on the back-end at Sling. This is another case of taking a good working product and slowing turning into a  not very good product. I guess if I were a conspiracy theorist I could say it must be the ISP causing issues, but it's not.


                  I would like to say that I have definitely got my money's worth out the product. I have been using the same Slingbox for at least 6 years or more now and for $120.00 how can I complain. It has delivered home cable programs domestically where the cable companies were too cheap to invest in expanding infrastructure and internationally when we had to travel. Yes we have definitely enjoyed the product, but unfortunately unless someone picks up the ball and runs with it, I think the party is over.