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    how do I contact Slingbox?

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      I do not want to write to them. The contact us does not work!

      I want to email them. I have lost sound I have a perfect picture, The TV and amplifier is working perfectly from other sources except slingbox.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          Sling Media (not Slingbox, that is the name of the device) don't provide e-mail support, you have to phone them and pay $30.   That is why you are better off just using this forum.   There are users on here who been around Slingboxes a lot longer than the support staff.


          In your case your first step is to remove the Red/White cables from the back of the Slingbox and plug them into the TV.    If you get sound then you know there is a Slingbox problem, if you don't get sound the problem is with your AV Device.