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    Video Issue w/ Slingbox Pro/HD Connect on Toshiba 52HM84 DLP TV


      Hello fellow Slingbox users-


      I have a Slingbox Pro (circa 2007) connected via the HD component cable that is causing video issues on the Toshiba DLP television it is hooked up through. I'm not sure what all info needs to be shared here to diagnose the problem, but I'll share what I know, and hopefully someone can help me out... It's driving me crazy.


      Issue: When the Slingbox Pro is hooked up, the full-screen video on the tv shakes/scrolls, especially when the overall screen color is bright/white (i.e. watching hockey games, white bg on commercials, etc.). When the 'guide' or 'My DVR' screen is brought up, the picture stabilizes in the smaller 'viewing window', but then goes back to shaking/scrolling when exiting out of the 'guide'/'My DVR' screen back to full-screen video. Important to note that there are NO issues viewing the video on my computer/phone- the issue is solely with the video on the host television. When the Slingbox is disconnected and the Charter HD cables are hooked directly to the tv, everything is fine. I've had Charter out on several occasions to diagnose the issue- they've installed new cables, signal amplifiers- you name it- and yet the issue persists. This leads me to believe it is a specific issue with the Slingbox itself- more accurately, running the TV signal through the Slingbox. The crazy thing is that this issue only started about a year or so ago- in 7+ years had never had any issues with it before then- and to my recollection did not coincide with any changes in television, cable, modem, router, service, or anything else. It just started happening... Very strange. Anyway, here are the specs on the Slingbox, the HD connector, and the TV.


      Slingbox Model: SB200-100

      HD Connect for Slingbox Pro Model: HD200-100

      Television Model: Toshiba 52-HM-84

      Service Provider: Charter/Spectrum HD TV/Internet


      Please let me know if there is more info required to diagnose/solve this issue. Thanks!