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    slingplayer desktop for mac keeps crashing - no error


      Hi, wondering if anyone experienced this issue. Slingplayer desktop sw was working fine up till yesterday. Now when I open up the app, it crashes immediately after stating that it's "connected". Nothing else happens - no errors whatsoever. Any idea how I can fix? I've deleted the app and reinstalled it and it still does the same thing. I've read a different thread that says it could be drivers/active x controls etc... but I'm not a technical expert and have no idea how to get that fixed.


      It was working fine just last week. One important note is that this is the first time I've traveled from home and tried to access the slingbox. I'm thinking that can't be the issue because the player crashes even before it starts. I got it to connect one day but it's crashed ever since... Anyone have any idea what's going on?