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    Slingbox Guide Stopped Working


      I have a Slingbox Classic and it has been working with Slingplayer 2.0 for quite awhile, including the Slingbox Guide.


      Now, it logs into my account OK and i can control it directly, but the Slingbox Guide won't come up.  When I try to select it I get a message saying it "needs to be updated"  and click OK to launch Setup Assistant.  But when I do that I get a message saying it is already configured.


      Any idea what's up?  How did it lose my guide data (that was working previously)?

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          eferz Expert

          You might get a try of running through the Setup Assistant again.  It's possible the data got stale on the Slingbox.  Going through the Setup Assistant will refresh the data and might fix your problem.

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              Thanks.   The messages are a little misleading since the first screen indicates it was already set up and I didn't want to screw up something that was working.  It would be nice if the error link took me directly to the setup screen involving the guide only (suggestion as a minor improvement to the product.)


              I went through and just left everything alone and sure enough the guide data was blank.


              I am not sure how it lost that particular part of the setup though without any changes from me.