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    Sling's server problems fixed? (Edit - now I think so!)


      Edit - I changed my router and everything works fine now!



      At least not for me.


      Prior to Aug 3, everything was fine and dandy - could connect using the browser, PC software, and on my Android phone (Nexus).


      Then everything stopped. Same message that everyone was getting. Now it's still the same.


      I can connect to the slingbox on the local network computer just fine.  I can login to my account.


      But no luck where it's via the internet, be it on my browser, PC software, or phone.


      On the PC software, it gives me an Error: 0x92340108.


      On the browser, it says, "Connecting to [myslingbox]...then finally


      "The connection attempt failed. Make sure the Slingbox you are trying to watch is on, set up for remote viewing, and not blocked by firewall/NAT settings.
      Enter password for [myslingbox]"


      On my phone it says, "Connection failed. Please make sure your phone and Slingbox are connected to the Internet."


      I have powered down my entire system (slingbox, router, computer, etc) and restarted it all. No difference.


      I have uninstalled my phone software and reinstalled (asked me to login, succeeded and located my slingbox), but still got the same message when trying to connect.


      I've gone into my router settings to remove the port forwarding and add it back, but still the same.


      There's no reinstalling I can do with the sling webpage, so obviously it's still the same.


      Getting very frustrated, especially if Sling thinks the problem has been totally fixed.


      Any advice would be most appreciated.  Thanks.