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    Can't connect with 3g verizon, droid incredible




      Here is my scenario:


      I am with verizon (us), htc droid incredible.

      I have an unlimited global data plan.

      I live, and use this phone in canada.

      I have an older slingbox av, and understand it is not fully supported.


      I downloaded the android mobile app to give it a try, turned wifi on my phone and connected to my home network.

      Started the slingplayer app and connected to my slingbox the first time and was able to stream tv quite well.


      Then I thought I would try 3g and see how that worked.

      Not so much.


      I get 2 warnings, one saying that I am roaming and charges may apply. I hit ok as I am on an extended network and no charges will apply.

      Then I get "cannot connect to the internet" warning and returns me back to the main screen.

      I know I am connected to the internet as I can browse and do everything else.


      So my question is if anybody knows???


      Is verizon blocking me from using 3g with slingplayer mobile?

      Is slingbox blocking me from using the 3g extended network?

      Do I need to configure something different with my router?

      Is this because I have an older slingbox?


      Any insight would be helpfull!