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    Magnavox VCR, Ability to direct-tune with Android?


      I have a Slingbox AV and a Magnavox VCR (Model: VRA671AT22). That specific VCR model isn't listed under the mapped remotes, however after searching the forums here, I found that pretty much any map will work, and it does... somewhat.


      It works perfectly fine through the PC; the remote clicks up and down, direct tune does what it's supposed to do. However, through the Android (2.2) and mobile sling player, if I want to tune to Channel 62, it will jump to channel 6 temporarily, then sit on channel 2. The only "advanced options" I have is for the speed of entering channels (slow, med, fast). I've tried all three. I believe the issue lies in whether or not a zero is needed (which I've seen as an option with other devices, however not mine) AND the "Enter" key. Typically, the enter button is NOT needed for this vcr, but I see no other option with the mobile sling player.


      I have found a "workaround", which consists of entering a "100" before the channel number. So, for channel 62, I'd have to input 1-0-0-6-2. It's a little tedious, however if there's no other suggestions, I guess I have no choice.

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          eferz Expert

          The keypad of the andriod client is dependant on this page.





          I'm guessing you picked one of the options as a single digit channel number and or the wrong speed adjustment.  If you go to your Slingbox Directory entry, you can click on the Information tab and scroll down to the A/V subsection and you can confirm the three options which are relative to the above page; IR Digits, IR Delay, and IR Wants Enter.


          Probably the best thing to do is to rerun the Setup Assistant and make sure to use the test at the bottom of the screen where it changes the channel.  That is the exact same process which the Andriod uses to change the channels through the keypad remote.