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    Watching TV overseas


      My family and I have moved to Switzerland and I am curious as to whether or not we could use a Slingbox to watch TV from home here in our new location.  I have tried to read the Slingbox information but am having difficulty understanding whether or not this could be done and if so what products we need.  It also appears to me that with a Slingbox you are required to watch television on your computer, is that correct?  What I would like is for someone to explain to me if it would be possible to set up a Slingbox to transfer TV from the United States to my home in Switzerland and if so what equipment will I need to purchase to do this.  Thank you.

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          eferz Expert

          Check this post (https://community.sling.com/message/12987#12987).  Hopefully, it answers your questions.

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            We used the Slingbox Classic two years in China and now three years in the Caribbean. Works fine. Just remember that live shows/sports are just that: live. You may be watching the World Series at 4 am. We did have to get the fastest DSL in China, which then was 3. Several friends say you can get up to 6 DSL speed now in most major Chinese cities. When we were in a hotel in-country where the internet was slower, the transmission was jerky. But with sports it was still better than reading about it a week later in the paper.


            Check to see if you can get a way to record shows in the USA and play them back where you are. I think with the PRO-HD you can add two more devices, such as TIVO, and record/playback from anywhere. You do need a dedicated cable box just for your Slingbox in the USA so you don't change channels while someone back home is watching.