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    TV picture freezing during set up assistant


      Ahhh----help! I've been trying to se this up for 2 weeks now.


      I have gone through the set up assistant so many times! Sometimes I get lucky and make it to the network page-which is where my real problem is.

      BUT most of the time the TV picture freezes while I'm going through all of the questions.


      I have 2 wire gateway 271H (?) and it's plugged into one of the ports on the back of the 2 wire gatway.


      I already had help getting the cable box set up since it wasn't part of the list. So, I have to pick the DVR, Comcast and then put V2010 code in for the cable box to work. When it doesn't freeze-that works.


      I've been through the firewall set up and I'm almost positive I've done that right.


      now what...please help!


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          eferz Expert

          I wouldn't worry about the TV picture freezing during the setup.  Ignore that and just finish the wizard.  Also, since there are problems with the Sling Media servers, have you considered using the Slingplayer Desktop 1.5 to configure your Slingbox?


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              I've tried connecting using both the desktop version and online (I have a mac). When I log in and see my information it says I have

              a slingbox that is set up BUT when I open up the application it says I have an unconfigured box. It's confusing. My modem/router is not listed.

              I have the 2wire Gateway 2701H-B. Could that be the issue. I've even gone through the steps of opening up a port through the firewall settings.

              I'm so confused. I'm also using the sling link.


              Help-my husband wants to watch football soon and he's over in Switzerland