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    weak or no video signal detected on some qam channels?


      i am having a strange issue with my pro-hd...i have my directv hd dvr hooked up via component, and my comcast hooked up via the digital tuner (and then to the tv via the tv out on the slingbox).  directv works fine, but when i try to watch comcast, if i go to some of the clear qam channels i get garbled video/audio then the "weak or no video signal detected" message.


      to further compound my frustration (and confusion), this was working fine up until about two weeks ago...and it does work fine if i just view the channels on my tv.  it works fine viewing all analog channels through the slingbox, as well as SOME of the qam channels...but many of them are garbled and unwatchable (if not the error message).


      i originally had this set up with a splitter (one line to tv, one to the slingbox), but that led to all QAM channels being unwatchable.  when i switched it to the way i have it now, everything was fine until about two weeks ago...which is when i started having this problem.


      any ideas?  i have had comcast doing some work trying to figure out my high speed internet issues, but that doesn't seem like it should cause the problem since i can see the video just fine if i tune to the channel on my tv...it's only the slingbox that is having issues.


      also, as a point of reference - if i look at the signal strength on my tv, it's the same for all channels...72 (out of 100).  however, some can be viewed by the slingbox and some can't.  this whole thing has me very frustrated...