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    blinking network light


      tried resetting but still getting blinking network light. Connection is good tried on my lap top

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          You'll need to go through the normal gambit of  troubleshooting network issues.  Like try a different cable or a  different port on the router.  Also, try checking your router for a  firmware updates.  There have been issues with past firmware with the  Slingbox obtaining DHCP address which were typically resolved with a  router firmware update.  I know in particularly, that these problems  were carried on to the Linux router kernels like DD-WRT, FreeWRT,  OpenWRT and Totato.  In which case, usually reverting to the original  manufacturer firmware allowed the DHCP work long enough to assign a  static IP address on the Slingbox.


          As I understand it is not entirely uncommon for malfunctioning AC adapter to cause the symptoms that you've described.  On the bottom of the Slingbox, you should see the power requirements; voltage, amps, and polarity.  Make sure the AC adapter connected to your Slingbox has the same output sepecifications. Otherwuse, if you have a compatible power supply then you can test it with your Slingbox to see if there's any change.

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            Hi chad04r1, you can try the troubleshooting described here.


            The Network light on my Slingbox is blinking. What does this mean?


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