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    MCE Remote with SlingPlayer


      I just got back from vacation and my SlingCatcher died.  Our family lives overseas and completely depends on our ability to watch TV to maintain our sanity


      The SlingCatcher was perfect because we could sit on the couch, grab the remote, and watch TV just like we were in the US.


      I want to be able to do this again, but since the SlingCatcher is discontinued and prices are through the roof, I want to just build a home theater PC.  I've searched Google to death, and there are various conversations about installing an IR remote to a PC and mapping the buttons to keyboard keys to invoke the corresponding commands in SlingPlayer, but not every button is supported (namely the color buttons).


      Most HTPCs have "MCE" remotes, which I'm just learning about, and are designed by Microsoft to control Windows Media Center.  I'm wondering if it is possible for an MCE remote to have full control over my SlingBox, which is connected to a DirectTV box back in the states.


      Before I invest the large amount of money on the set up, I wanted to know if anybody had any information on controlling SlingPlayer via an MCE remote and if it was possible to have full functionality of the software (or full functionality of my DirectTV box).


      Thanks in advance!