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    Software loading freezes at 70% while checking internet viewing


      I searched the forums and could not find an answer - sorry if there is one already.  I'm a newbie - so bear with me.  I just installed the SlingBox Pro to my Dish ViP 622 - During the set up - it gets to the point where it is checking the watch tv on the internet and it gets to 70% and then Internet Explorer shuts down.  I have tried it 4-5 times-starting over and it happens each and everytime at that step.  But, I can access video and audio on my laptop now through slingbox.com just fine, even though the setup process never actually finished and the second issue - (maybe unrelated?) I am unable to control the virtual remote.  The remote address on the DVR is 9 and I cannot seem to find the correct device listed on the SlingBox to get that to work.  I am pretty sure those are two different issues - one is the remote issue and the other is not being able to complete setup (even though it appears to work).  Whew - clear as mud?  Is it possible to change the remote address on the DVR?  I tried following the directions but all that happened is that it made my remote control inoperable.  Help!