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    Follow-up posting ... 24 hours later


      I am both frustated and bemused by my experience so far.


      In broad terms, I stumped up hard cash for a box of junk. It now sits in my home, 800 miles from me, in latent potency. It had worked fine from day-one, out of the box, until, it appears, the Sling locator server decided to try and, well, locate it.


      Posting on this forum has elicited a couple of responses from other customers -- Dana in support, a customer is the person who puts the cash in your bank account that pays for the food on your table -- but no response from Slingbox.


      Slingbox, it seems, believe that the "issue" with inaccessible Slingboxes is solved ... at precisely the moment that mine and others started to fail.


      Having messed around with DNS -- I have a static ip address in any event -- my only other option seems to be to try and download Mac version 1.5 of the Sling Desktop. Can anyone please point me to a download link?


      As for Slingbox, they really need to get their customer support in order. Charging customers for support calls when the problems have invariably arisen as a result of Slingbox seems a bit rich.